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Scented varnishes for print finishing 

Scented varnishes for print finishing 

Subconsciously, the sense of smell is the strongest of all senses! A scent works faster and more intensely than other sensory perceptions, because they affect the limbic system of the brain where emotions and memories are stored. This makes them a key feature of modern multi-sensory marketing.

Pictures stay in the memory longer if they are perceived in combination with scents and thus increase the memory value. In this way, scented varnish conveys a positive feeling, optimises the advertising message and increases attention. Numerous studies have shown that information that smells good makes the advertising message much more effective. In order to make mailings, catalogues, packaging or even gift wrap more attention-grabbing, we offer you high-quality scented varnishes with microencapsulated scents. 

Your benefits 

  • Scents reinforce the advertising message 
  • Scented varnishes are created with individual fragrances 
  • Water- or oil-based scented varnishes for: web offset, sheet, offset, flexo, screen and gravure printing  
  • Microencapsulation guarantees long-lasting and hermetic scent sealing 
  • The scent is released in a controlled way due to friction

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