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Sustainability + Responsibility

Sustainability and environmental protection for a safe future

For us, sustainability is an obligation towards current and future generations. It plays a central role for us, both in raw material procurement, in production and in our cross-value product responsibility. We make long-term investments and, as a family-owned company, feel just as responsible for the success of our customers as we do for our own. The following measures are part of our holistic sustainability management:    

  • Responsibility in the supply chain by considering the sustainability rating for strategic raw material purchasing
  • Obligatory code of conduct for binding behaviour in business transactions
  • Extensive social commitment, especially in the Minden/East Westphalia region
  • Strong environmental and energy management and high occupational safety standards to ensure health and safety at work

We would be pleased to send you our detailed sustainability assessment or our sustainability report.


Follmann Research + Development
Follmann Reasearch + Development

Responsibility for the environment and safety

Only the responsible use of natural resources in the interests of future generations will ensure long-term business success and an environment worth living in. With our products we also support the sustainability goals of our customers and users. In product development, we take into account not only aspects of product safety but also saving resources, energy efficiency and the reduction of environmental pollution during production and throughout the entire product life cycle.

Raw materials and manufacturing processes

  • Comprehensive raw material qualification considers quality, product safety, occupational safety and environmental protection
  • Continuous improvement through certificate quality and environmental management systems (ISO 9001, ISO 14001)

Products and safety

  • High occupational health and safety standards, product safety and consumer protection have top priority
  • Responsible use of energy in accordance with the energy management system (ISO 50001)
  • Formulation and production of printing inks in accordance with EuPIA Guidelines and EuPIA-GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices)


As a company active in the chemicals industry, we are aware of our responsibility and we support the chemical industry's "Responsible Care“ initiative, which promotes acting responsibly for a secure future.

By joining CEFLEX, Follmann is participating in system solutions for a circular economy. The collaboration consists of various members of the value chain of flexible packaging and has set itself the goal of making a positive contribution to the circular economy and the dissolution of a linear economy. By 2025, effective system solutions should be made possible through the cooperation of all project members. Together, design specifications for consumer-friendly flexible packaging formats as well as business models for downstream infrastructures will be developed.

Dr Rainer Follmann was a founding member of the organisations “Förderkreis Umwelt future e.V.” (a registered society promoting the environment) and “Umweltinitiative der Wirtschaft im Kreis Minden-Lübbecke” (an environmental initiative of the business community in the Minden-Lübbecke district). Both organisations received the Environmental Award from the German Federal Foundation for the Environment (Bundesstiftung Umwelt).