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Our products for wallpaper

Below you will find an overview of the products we have developed for wallpaper:


Wallpaper rolls


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Printing inks for wallpaper

Our water-based printing ink systems for wallpaper are suitable for gravure, flexo and rotary screen printing on coated and uncoated paper and non-woven as well as for under- and overprinting of vinyl.

Water-based textured printing inks for various applications

printing inks

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Water-based textured printing inks

Our water-based textured printing inks can be printed on paper, nonwovens and foils using rotary screen and gravure printing and create visible and tactile 3D effects on wallpaper, decor foils as well as gift wrapping paper and many other applications.

Product sample:Water-based ink receptive coatings guarantee a high quality print design.

Water-based ink receptive coatings

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Digital printing coatings 

The ready-to-use, water-based ink receptive coatings have been developed especially for digital printing media.

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