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The encapsulation process

From common raw materials, Follmann makes a functional premium product. Microencapsulation is high technology, following a simple plan, implemented with the highest level of experience and chemical know-how.

Microencapsulation is a process that offers a wide variety of technological added values. Traditionally, liquid substances are encapsulated to form a solid processing product, which can then be safely transported and used in a resource-saving manner. Microcapsules are therefore improving the everyday life of industries and consumers.

Der Verkapselungsprozess: Öl und Wasser liegen im getrennten Zustand vor


Oil and water are in a separated state

Der Verkapselungsprozess: Durch Rühren wird Öl in Wasser emulgiert


By stirring, oil is emulsified in water

Der Verkapselungsprozess: Ausgewählte Wandbildner werden der Emulsion hinzugefügt


Selected wall materials are added to the emulsion



Crosslinking of the wall materials on the surface of the oil droplets


Depending on the application, microcapsules will reveal their contents all at once as soon as their shell is mechanically opened; constantly over a defined period of time in which the active ingredient slowly diffuses; or precisely at certain temperatures. Even permanent encapsulation is possible.

Permanence, stability or precisely defined release mechanisms: Follmann develops tailor-made solutions for you. With microencapsulation, we optimize your products down to the smallest detail.

Reibung: Freisetzung durch mechanischen Druck oder Scherung

Release by mechanical pressure or shear

Temperatur: Freisetzung ab einer definierten Temperatur

Release from a defined temperature

Diffusion: Freisetzung über einen definierten Zeitraum hinweg

Release over a defined period of time

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