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Solutions for the 
packaging industry

Our solutions for packagings

Below you will find an overview of our products that we have developed for the packaging industry.

Verpackungsdruckfarben Collage

Flexible packaging

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Water-based printing inks for flexible packaging

The water-based flexo and gravure printing inks were specially developed for flexible packaging made of plastic and aluminium both for frontal printing as well as for subsequent lamination.


Paper and board packaging

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Water-based printing inks for paper and board packaging 

Whether food packaging, paper carrier bags or tea bag tags - our water- based ink systems are suitable for flexo and gravure printing on coated
and uncoated papers.


Corrugated board

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Water-based printing inks for corrugated in pre / post print 

Whether transport and sales packaging or displays - our water-based ink systems are suitable for gravure and flexo printing on coated and uncoated papers.

Duftbuch mit bedufteten Feldern

Scented varnishes for print finishing 

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Scented varnishes for print finishing

Information that smells good makes the advertising message much more effective. In order to make mailings, catalogues, packaging or even gift wrap more attention-grabbing, we offer you high-quality scented varnishes with microencapsulated scents.

End-of-Line verpackungen


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End-of-line packaging adhesives

Sales crucially depend on an appealing packaging design as much as on the functionality of the packaging. With the high-performance hotmelt adhesives for packaging processes that are not subject to labelling requirements, we offer versatile solutions for the secure bonding of cardboard boxes and folding cardboard boxes for end-of-line applications.


Corrugated board + cardboard

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High-performance adhesives for corrugated board and cardboard

With our high-performance adhesive range, we cover the entire range of the specific requirements of corrugated board and cardboard
manufacturers: brown goods, coated papers, lacquered and printed adhesive flaps.

Versandverpackung mit Klebestreifen


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Pressure sensitive adhesives for for transport and shipping packaging

Increasing e-commerce sales and a high variety of products lead to increased requirements for transport and shipping packaging. These must protect products during transport and simplify handling for the packers.


Biobased adhesives

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Biobased hotmelt adhesives for packagings

Our biobased adhesives are suitable for end-of-line packaging, clean and efficient bonding of outer coating of paper coff ee-to-go cups and can be used as an environmentally friendly alternative to the production of drinking straws, disposable crockery and cutlery.


Water-based ink receptive coatings

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Digital printing coatings 

The ready-to-use, water-based ink receptive coatings have been developed especially for digital printing media.

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