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Overprint varnishes and cleaners

We offer the following products in addition to our water-based printing inks:


Overprint varnishes

With our overprint varnishes optical, haptic and also functional effects can be achieved.
You realize with it:

  • Mechanical protection of the print image on paper and foils
  • Improved abrasion, scratch and scuff resistance
  • Improved heat resistance
  • Increase of some chemical resistances
  • Barrier properties against water and fat
  • Matt or gloss effects
  • Anti-slip properties

Cleaner for printing presses and ink-bearing parts

Our cleaning product for printing presses and ink-bearing parts is optimally matched to our water-based printing inks. With our Folco Cleaner, ink residues from printing presses and their associated components can be removed efficiently, hygienically and in an environmentally friendly manner - also optimally suited for use on printing presses for food packaging.

Our cleaner dissolves even stubborn dirt in the cells of gravure cylinders and in the cells of anilox rollers. Even dried-on inks on printing plates can be removed effortlessly and efficiently.

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